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Ladder Mesh Reinforcement

Ladder Mesh Reinforcement Ladder Mesh Reinforcement

Ladder Mesh Reinforcement / Truss Mesh Reinforcement
It is widely used in the building construction area, normally used in the masonry reinforcement.
Materials: Stainless steel wire. Galvanized iron wire and black annealed wire
Other widths available on special request
1.  Standard: 9 ga. side rods x 9 ga. cross rods.
2.  Extra Heavy: 3/16” side rods x 9 ga. cross rods.
3.  Super Heavy Duty: 3/16” side rods x 3/16” cross rods.
Available Finish:
Stainless steel, Hot-dipped galvanized, Electro galvanized.

Application(Brick Force Mesh In rolls):
Width  Length Wire Diameter
75mm 20m 2.2mm
150mm 20m 2.2mm
230mm 20m 2.2mm
57mm 20m 2.8mm
75mm 20m 2.8mm
100mm 20m 2.8mm
150mm 20m 2.8mm
230mm 20m 2.8mm

Joint reinforcement has long proven to be necessary for superior
performance of masonry wall construction, as it offers the following benefits:
1.  Reinforces a variety of masonry walls
2.  Greatly reduces cracking that can arise from thermal stresses
3.  Enhances resistance to water penetration, as cracks are controlled
4.  Increases lateral flexural strength
5.  Bonds masonry at intersecting walls and corners
6.  Increases performance of masonry walls under various stresses

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