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Masonry Reinforcement Mesh

Masonry Reinforcement Mesh 
Masonry Reinforcement Mesh
Masonry reinforcement mesh/ Punch forming coil mesh
Punch forming coil mesh is made of thin galvanized strip steel special stamping expansion, which generally thickness: 0.35 mm in rolls, the width is 6 cm, to 10 cm.Easy to operate, the is different from the traditional lozenge network, the mesh long pitch longitudinal in arrangement, wire stem with edge-on hexagonal structure which is unique, on both sides of the metal sheet with widened to strengthen the reinforcement, middle pressure the V groove rib, halftone withoput non-contact and overall strong.which forming higher tensile strength, proof pressure, shock resistance, temperature change resistance.

A high quality expanded galvanized or stainless steel mesh for use primarily as an anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry. Brick Reinforcement Coil mesh is available in a variety of widths to suit most wall constructions and is supplied coiled for ease of handling. Additional applications include strengthening cornices, low walls and balconies over door and window openings.
1. Some Of Specifications:
Size Wt. kg/m2 Thickness Recommerded Application
63mm X 100mm 0.9 0.5 For 100mm wall
120mm X 100mm 0.9 0.5 For 100mm wall
175mm X 100mm 0.9 0.5 For 100mm wall
225mm X 100mm 0.9 0.5 For 100mm wall

Material: Galvanized steel, stainless steel
concrete slabbing, roads, paving, foundations, marine work, bank strong rooms, partition slabs, concrete block work, asphalt guttering etc. 

2. Specifications:
Width: 60mm,65mm,100mm,150mm,200mm
Thickness: 0.35mm                    
Length: 100m/coil
Model SWD*LWD Coil width Length
BR100 15mm*25mm 100mm 20m
BR150 150mm 20m
BR200 200mm 20m
BR305 300mm 20m
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