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Factory Workshop Introduction
Hebei Shengmai Construction Material Technology Co.,LTD have two factories to process wire mesh product-Semai wire mesh factory and Semai wire mesh machine factory ,covering one hundred acres . There are more than 100 worker to be responsible for quote, welding , surface treatment (galvanized , PVC Coating, PVC spraying, PVC Dipping), quantity controlling , shipping and a series of production processes; also to be responsible for quoting for machines


Our company has advanced production lines of wire mesh and wire mesh machine and strong technical. And our best quality, high productivity and good pre and after-sales service tailored to suitable wire mesh and wire mesh machine products for your marketing. Sheng Mai is your first and best choice for present and future . 

Yuanmao Li
Position:Technical director
Working age: 8-9 years, from the beginning of the factory until now has been working in the factory;
Working range,
Work carefully, pay attention to details, meticulous work, sometimes in order to complete the work progress,working overtime. 
Once, the customer's requirements of the network is particularly detail oriented,
Brother Mao used his time in the machine after welding the mesh and then personally
Customers are demanding, our skilled workers are more meticulous;
Mao rooted in the factory, has been living in the factory,
The real test: the factory is my home.
advantages : welded mesh panel, spray paint, galvanized, boxed, one-stop service.
  Yongzeng Men
Position: Quality Supervisor
Working age: 6-7 years
Working range:
With the brother Mao partner, very understanding.
Both for the completion of the progress of work,forget sleep and eat.
In the factory work for so many years, for each production details of the customer orders are strictly controlled.
Do not allow any one piece of unqualified net to reach the hands of customers.
Wholeheartedly service to the factory, concentrate on the sale of products, our factory orders and door master hard to pay closely related.
Lingyan Qiao
Position: Quotation Manager
Working age: 8-10 years
Work range: the quotation of screen product and screen machinery;
Advantage: Quotated quickly, according to customer drawings and specifications to quickly and accurately make quality quotation, assist salesman to study the customer details of the product requirements.
In the recommendation specification aspect wants the customer to think, can make the quotation specification which suits the customer and can reduce the customer the expense expense.
Because Qiao manager of professional and open ideas and unique way of quotation achieves numerous large orders customers for our company;
Honor: From 2011-2014 years of 4 consecutive years, Hebei won metal wire mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as the best bid member ".
  Yanyan Li
Position: Quotation Manager
Length of service: 5-6 years
Working range: responsible for the quotation of the screen product and the mechanical product.;
Advantage:Quote seriously,Thinking carefully,Hard working,Positive,Be willing to communicate with others,
Like to meet new challenges and have good team spirit.,
Have good organizational skills and a solid professional foundation.
Xiaowei Liu
Position: product development design supervisor
Working age: 3 years
Working range:
Be responsible for product development, customize the product and make relevant drawings according to customer's requirement.;
Advantage: carefully and carefully, for some of the details of the customer requirements to provide a good design program,
Broaden ideas for customers to help customers to develop a greater product sales space;
The work also served as sales director other domestic products.

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