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Crowd Control Barrier price in china

Crowd Control Barrier price in china


Freestanding, easy to install and remove, temporary panels are widely used on construction sites, repair sites, crowd control, sporting events, trade fairs, portable stock yards, and special events. We customize crowd control barriers in several types and a variety of heights and specification.


Crowd Control Barriers are pipe frame with vertical tensile rods. It is light to handle, yet very strong; welded hooks and sockets makes convenient interlock and fast mounting. Detachable legs design makes stacking and storing of the barrier panels so easy and neat once the feet are removed.

Common Sizes:2100mm Long x 1330mm High. 2260mm Long x 1100mm High, etc..

And more size barriers can be manufactured to order. Detailed drawing preferred.

The whole unit can be hot-dipped galvanized, and powder coated, many colors available.

If you want to got crowd control barrier price, please feel free to contact me at 0086-18032888752.

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