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Hot dipped galvanized au temporary fence

hot dipped galvanized au temporary fence


Our hot dipped galvanized au temporary fence and mesh are hand welded for optimum strength and are hot dipped galvanized for durability.

The panels work in conjunction with our temp fencing feet, clamps and stays.

We have a number of temporary fence panels suited to various industry types and applications from the construction industry to events.

Ideal for use in residential, commercial, industrial, construction, events, civil, demolition, mining, government, temporary fence hire companies/re-sellers.

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hot dipped galvanized au temporary fence Specifications

Dimensions - mm

W: 2400mm x H: 2100mm x D: 32mm

Guage/Aperture - mm

Mesh: 3mm thick

Pipe: 32mm OD / 1.4mm thickness aperture

Anti-Climb mesh weld: 150mm x 60mm


Hot dip galvanised steel

Package dimensions

W: 2400mm x H: 2100mm x D: 32mm



1. Suitable for all industries

2. Built for the harshest environments all over Australia whether it’s the summer sun or the coldest winter conditions

3. Easy installation and removal so you won’t waste valuable time when packing and unpacking

4. Recommended Use: Residential and commercial builders, construction industry, event security, pet runs and more

5. All of our construction temp fencing panels comply with Australian Standards Temporary Fencing & Hoardings

6. Hand welded joins

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