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PVC coated chain link fence

PVC coated chain link fencing fabric is made with galvanized steel chain link mesh as base material then treated with plastic coating protection layer. We supplies Three Typical PVC Chain Link Security Fence System:

1. PVC chain link fence ( Opening 2"x2") ( Wire Diameter 2.76mm), galvanised pvc coated at 2 . 4 metre  height, at length of 1,000 Meters; topped with barbed wire at a total length of perimeter  11,000 Meter.
2. Chain Link 4 meter height at length 3000 Meters; topped with barbed wire at a total length of perimeter  3000 Meters.
3. Latest security fence system beige color PVC coated for our Saudi Arabian fence projects. This system is composed with 4 parts: chain link fence, fencing columns and barbed wire and arm angles. All the components pieces are galvanized and pvc coated into beige color.

1- Chain Link Fence:
a- Opening : 50mm
b- Wire diameter : 3.50mm after coated
c- Length of the roll : 15m
d- Width of the roll: 2m
e- Number of roll : 1670 roll
f- Color : Beige 
2- Fence columns / pillars: galvanized and pvc covered with beige-color:
a- Length of column: 2600 mm
b- diameter :  2.5 inches
c- thickness : 3 mm
At the end of the column will be italic angle of 45 degrees contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire.
3- PVC coated Barbed wire : thickness 3 mm after coated
4- Arm angle 45 degrees : contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire.
We supply this system Saudi Arabia with all the fence and pillars and barbed wire and arms angle of 45 degrees and all accessories. Prices for the materials (pvc coated beige chain link fence, columns, arm of an angle of 45, the barbed wire) can be provided separately.

Samples: A small sample of the fence galvanized size 300 x 300 mm, Wire diameter 3.50mm after coated beige colored will be provided upon request.

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